Online courses


We are delighted to announce our collaboration with 'Hat Academy' and the release of the Rebecca Share 'Percher Hats' and the all new 'Leather Flower Crowns' online Millinery courses.

Master Milliner and tutor Rebecca Share is excited to teach all her unique techniques throughout these courses. 

Percher hats are a favoured styling with their exclusive shaping and sensational trims which add height and elegance. 

3D or Ring block hats Rebecca provides a variety of design opportunities to make your piece a standout sensation on your clients special day. Creating lightweight Swiss braid trims will compliment your percher hats with options to style your design.

Crowns represent the timeless headwear symbolic of royalty and esteem and using leather to make flower crowns will add a touch of luxury to your new headwear collection. This style is much in demand as they are lightweight and easy to wear. 

For more information or to purchase the online courses, please visit the Hat Academy website:

The hat Blocks used throughout the courses are available to order from 'Hat Blocks Australia':