• Rebecca Share with students from her millinery hat making course with their creations
  • Students working on their creations in the hat week australian millinery workshop hosted by rebecca share
  • Rebecca Share Milliner in her workshop studio holding yellow and orange designer piece

Testimonials - Learn Millinery


"Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this course from start to finish. Rebecca has an amazing way teaching her wonderful techniques. I'm giving this course 5 stars and beyond because it's incredible from start to finish. Looking forward to seeing what Hat Atelier courses are happening next already ❤️ Thank you for sharing your skills Rebecca x" - Lorraine Cronin

"Just wanted to say thanks again for today. I had such a great time and feel inspired to stop procrastinating and start making hats.  I loved every moment!"  - Rebecca Lindsay 

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday, I thoroughly enjoy the day learning from you & having a good laugh. I'm really excited about implementing  my new found skills" - Emma Brennan 

"Thanks for a fantastic workshop, I really enjoyed it" - Chels Doncon 

"Now I made my first leather headband with the course and I love the way Rebecca explains and guides me making my one. I even decided to put out an order to Hat blocks Australia for one of the models used in the course, so I will make lots more in the future" - Josemieke Crebolder

"I am a huge fan of your work, I love the simplicity of your designs yet I can appreciate the effort and time taken to get them looking effortlessly incredible!  This is my first year of doing millinery and I want to thank you for your inspiring designs which give me something to work towards" - Sophie 

"I must say how excited I am by the new range of blocks! It's collaboration and innovation at it's best! Well done!" - Melissa Barnes 

"I’ve been wanting to learn this technique for a long time after trying (and failing!) to get my leather to lie smoothly. Rebecca’s guidance makes it much clearer - and the extra information on the lining and reinforcement with elastic are little bonus nuggets. I’ve placed my order with Hat Blocks Australia and am looking forward to making something beautiful.  Thank you Rebecca Share for this workshop" - Jeannie Clarke

"I want to say a huge thanks to Rebecca for this amazing course. I was pretty much stuck on blocking leather crowns and you just made my millinery world so much easier to make them.  Such great detail in the tutorials and step by step that made me feel so much better in my work" - Jules Powell

"Thank you Rebecca for the weekend of lessons which I enjoyed very much"  - Margaret Keeble 

"Really excellent course, with easy to understand instructions and well placed camera so you can see what's being done.  Patterns are lovely and you get lots of handy tips, and its also really pleasant to watch as Rebecca has such a lovely manner. Will definitely be purchasing more courses!" - Joanne Fox

"I have blocked in your class and have completed one today. Thanks once again for a great class and sharing your techniques" - Anel Hayman 

"Thanks so much for today. It was great to learn a few new techniques" - Rebecca Carswell 

"I just loved this course!! It is so complete and offers so many possibilities!! Rebecca explains everything so well and the course is divided in small videos which makes very easy to go back and see again just the part that you need...
I so much recommend this course!!" - Ana Victoria Mulcahy

"Thank you so much Rebecca!  I loved watching this course!  You explained and demonstrated everything brilliantly and I learnt a lot!" - Lai Symes

"Absolutely awesome!  This course was super fun and easy to do. The technique is definitely an essential in any Milliners book of tricks!" - Lyndon Miller

"Fantastic course, I have made head bands before, but it was so nice to see someone else technical know how of putting it together, you always learn something. Thank you Rebecca" - Alison Morgan

"I just need to let you know that your courses are brilliantly easy to follow. The chapters are such a great idea.  I watch the whole thing in the background as an overview. Download patterns and materials lists and then go back and watch the specific chapter, It's so easy to find which stage you are looking for rather than having to fast forward and rewind a lesson that is all merged into one.  Your work area is always neat, what you need is at hand and you speak clearly. Very well done. You have definitely left your mark on me in this digital teaching space.
I look forward to future courses" - Manola Zanetti

"These feather starbursts are bright and bubbly just like your personality. They just scream fun" - Stephanie Munro

"I have been dying to do Rebecca's Blocked Headband course as I have wanted to make these for so long!!  Rebecca is a great teacher, she explains everything very clearly and easily with great visuals. I am so excited to be wearing my very own blocked headband creations at my next race event!!" - Milano Imai

"Such a good course presented by Rebecca - so easy to follow, clear instruction and I love the way the course was broken down into the different elements so you can find things again without have to search through the whole presentation.  Can't wait to get started, very inspirational.  Thank you" - Yvonne Cunnington

"This course is so easy to follow. Rebecca Share guides you seamlessly through the techniques, giving lots of tips and tricks from her wealth of Millinery knowledge.  I loved it. I had a few questions and received such a helpful, comprehensive email response answering my queries...nothing was too much trouble! My only complaint is that there aren’t enough of the courses to buy!!! More please Rebecca x" - Rachel Leech