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The Quintessential Accessory: Meet QUINN, the Sheer Brimmed Percher Hat

Elevate your look with the exquisite QUINN – a sheer marvel of millinery that combines timeless elegance with contemporary flair. Our QUINN hat features a vintage straw cloth overlay and is beautifully adorned with statement feather flower Roses, offering an ethereal touch to any sophisticated wardrobe.

Delicate Details and Statement Style:

  • Vintage Straw Cloth Overlay: The QUINN Percher hat is gracefully enveloped in a vintage straw cloth overlay, adding a touch of retro charm to its modern design. This intricate detail pays homage to the golden era of fashion while seamlessly blending with today's trends.

  • Statement Feather Flower Roses: At the heart of the QUINN hat are the meticulously handcrafted feather flower Roses, embodying the perfect balance of artistry and allure. These blooms captivate with their delicate finesse, making the hat a true focal point of any ensemble.

Perfect Pink Palette:

  • Colour: Pink: Embrace the soft and romantic hue of pink with the QUINN hat. This choice of color complements a wide range of outfits, making it versatile for various occasions. The gentle pink also adds a touch of warmth and femininity to your overall look.

Custom Crafted Comfort:

  • Attachment: Handmade Percher Headband and Comb: To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, the QUINN comes with a handmade Percher headband and a comb attachment. This thoughtful design provides stability, allowing you to move with confidence and grace.

  • Sizing: One Size Fits Most: Embody effortless style with our one-size-fits-most approach. The QUINN hat is crafted to suit a variety of head sizes, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for every wearer.

The QUINN Percher hat is more than an accessory—it's a reflection of grace, a nod to vintage aesthetics, and a celebration of modern craftsmanship. Whether you’re attending a high-profile event, a wedding, a race day, or any special occasion, QUINN is the ultimate statement piece that promises to enchant and delight.

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  • Crystal Kimber

    Our Celestia headpiece in pink worn by VRC Fashion Ambassador Crystal Kimber for the Melbourne Cup launch at Flemington racecourse.

  • Michelle Payne

    Custom headband worn by racing royalty Michelle Payne for the official Melbourne Cup Carnival coverage at VRC Flemington race course.

  • Jacqueline Felgate

    Our Mary Amelia headpiece worn by media icon Jacqueline Felgate for the Melbourne Cup Carnival launch.

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