Online Millinery Courses

Hat Atelier offers you the opportunity to learn hat making and Millinery techniques through creative online video courses.

With instant access, a variety of instruction and easy to follow chapters, you can learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace.

  • Wirework Halo Crowns

    Master wirework and shaping contemporary halo crowns as you learn the process to adapt styles and add a transparent crinoline veil and leather flowers.

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  • Feather Quill Headpieces

    Create your own dramatic feather quill headpiece as you learn how to curl, wire and assemble these statement headwear designs. This course is perfect for beginners.

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  • Leather 3D Headbands

    Achieve an impeccable finish to Leather 3D Headbands as you learn how to block and assemble these popular styles and adorn with handmade leather flowers.

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  • Floating Headpieces Course

    Discover the secrets to making stunning Floating Headpieces in a variety of materials that appear to be floating off the head.

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  • Feather Starbursts Course

    Create stunning feather starbursts for your headwear as you learn how to prepare and assemble these striking feather arrangements.

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  • Blocked Headbands Course

    Learn how to block and trim the stunning trans-seasonal blocked headband styles for a contemporary racewear look.

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  • FREE Millinery Course

    FREE tips & tricks course presented by Rebecca Share to 'Get started with Millinery' and learn about hat materials, packaging, hat blocks and much more!

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