Sizing & Care

All of our millinery is designed as 'one size fits all' and does not require a head measurement or a fitting appointment.  

The attachment used on the headwear is advised in each hat description. Attachment is either a hat elastic or headband, of which both will always include a comb. Handmade 'percher' style headbands are attached to the percher style hats to ensure comfort and stability.

Millinery and headwear can be delicate and can require some special attention to keep them looking top notch! 

Store your millinery away from sunlight and in a sealed box or container with tissue paper for cushioning.  

Avoid wearing your hat in the rain or getting it wet.  Hats are primarily made by wetting or steaming the straw, felt or leather material and shaping onto a wooden hat block before drying and stiffening.  If your hat gets wet while you are wearing it, it may undo the blocking process and distort the shape of your hat.  

Avoid leaving headwear in hot cars or near high temperatures, delicate materials are used on the headwear and extreme heat may distort or unwrap carefully curled trims.