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VONETTA: Monochrome Magic with Vintage Elegance

Discover VONETTA, a striking monochrome headband that masterfully combines the classic allure of vintage accessories with contemporary design elements. This headpiece is adorned with a delicate overlay of black vintage veiling, creating a captivating 3D effect. VONETTA is a statement piece that evokes the charm of the past while remaining effortlessly chic for today's fashion landscape.


  • Base Material: The foundation of the VONETTA headband is made from a pristine vintage white straw cloth that forms a beautiful 3D canvas. Its crisp white color provides a stark, eye-catching contrast to the black veiling.
  • Vintage Veiling: An overlay crafted from hand blocked vintage veiling offers a touch of soft sophistication, giving VONETTA a timeless look that is equal parts elegant and expressive.
  • Color Scheme: With a classic black-and-white color combination, this headband boasts the versatility to complement a vast array of outfits, from bold and modern to understated and traditional.

Comfort and Size:

  • Comfortable Headband: Designed with the wearer's comfort in mind, VONETTA boasts a headband that's both secure and pleasant to wear for extended periods, making it perfect for all-day events.
  • One Size Fits Most: This headpiece adheres to a one-size-fits-most approach, ensuring a snug fit for a wide range of head sizes without sacrificing comfort.

Luxury Packaging:

  • Each piece, including VONETTA, comes thoughtfully packaged in our Luxury Gift Box. This signature packaging not only protects your accessory but also elevates the experience of receiving or gifting this exquisite headpiece.

Occasions and Styling Tips:

  • VONETTA is a versatile accessory that's ideally suited for a variety of occasions such as weddings, race meets, cocktail parties, or any event where making a fashionable impression is key. Its monochrome palette allows for endless styling possibilities, serving as the perfect accompaniment to both colorful and neutral outfits.

Make a bold statement with VONETTA, where monochrome magic meets vintage sophistication in a headband that's bound to turn heads and spark conversations.

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  • Crystal Kimber

    Our Celestia headpiece in pink worn by VRC Fashion Ambassador Crystal Kimber for the Melbourne Cup launch at Flemington racecourse.

  • Michelle Payne

    Custom headband worn by racing royalty Michelle Payne for the official Melbourne Cup Carnival coverage at VRC Flemington race course.

  • Jacqueline Felgate

    Our Mary Amelia headpiece worn by media icon Jacqueline Felgate for the Melbourne Cup Carnival launch.

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